ENGEL the smart machine

Self-adjusting assistance systems for machines and robots

Increased process stability
Self-regulating processes for reproducible quality and increased efficiency
Even small fluctuations in production conditions can have a large influence on your final product. The pioneering ENGEL smart machine products detect such influences during running operations and automatically adjust the production parameters accordingly. Therefore, your ENGEL machine and robot regulate themselves and automatically adapt to the current production conditions. Machine operators are given optimal assistance and you can rely on achieving consistent high quality, significantly fewer rejects and greatly improved energy efficiency.

ENGEL the smart machine (pdf)


iQ vibration control
detects oscillations in the robot movements with the help of 3-D motion sensors and actively compensates for them

iQ weight control
keep external production conditions under control: this smart software automatically compensates for diverse fluctuations in the production process, in real time

iQ clamp control
automatically determines the ideal clamping force – thereby rejects due to burn marks or flashes can be effectively prevented

iQ flow control
iQ flow control automatically ensures consistent and efficient temperature control processes

iQ melt control
automatic optimisation of the plasticising time and higher melt quality at the push of a button

intelligent water manifold system for consistent production processes – achieves greater reproducibility and reduces rejects

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