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Reduce the power consumption of your injection moulding machine sustainably

Energy efficiency
Be the first. Be efficient.

Saving energy is key to ensuring competitiveness. With customized efficiency packages, we offer the answer to skyrocketing electricity prices. We look at the entire system: the machine in combination with temperature control, intelligent device configuration and smart process control. Experience the result live at our booth: energy efficiency with savings of up to 67%.

What is the power consumption of an injection moulding machine?

Often the power consumption of the injection moulding machine is less than 50 % of the total consumption of the injection moulding plant.

For this reason, the injection moulding system must be considered as a whole when looking at energy. High efficiency is already a matter of course with new injection moulding machines from ENGEL. Our drive is to find the most efficient solution for your requirement. With integrated temperature control solutions as well as intelligent device communication, up to 67 % electricity and thus CO2, can be saved. In addition, there are other technical constraints, such as accessibility, precision requirements or available space, which must be taken into account. An overall view is necessary to find the best solution for you and to reduce the power consumption and CO2 emissions of your injection moulding machine. For this reason, ENGEL presents its Green Fleet and our efficiency packages.

Temperature control 2.0:

Saving electricity costs in injection moulding

Up to 75% lower energy consumption with ENGEL solution

In times of high energy prices, an efficient injection moulding system pays off twice. You avoid unnecessarily high costs, conserve resources and minimise your CO2 footprint. Temperature control in injection moulding has a particularly high share in the overall efficiency. Read here how you can significantly reduce your energy consumption with our temperature control system.

The advantages of ENGEL temperature control in injection moulding practice

Temperature control, not watering

More stable processes and higher part quality with significantly lower energy consumption. Read here how the hardware manufacturer Blum benefits from the changeover to the intelligent ENGEL injection moulding temperature control system.

Digital solutions in injection moulding

ENGEL inject 4.0 solutions for the smart factory

Our digital products and services support you throughout the entire product life cycle. From component design and sampling to production and maintenance & service. We have the right digital solutions to help you exploit the full potential of your ENGEL production cell and sustainably reduce your carbon footprint.

Visit us at K in the ENGEL Digital Solutions Area. See live on an e-mac injection moulding machine how you can operate your production cell more energy efficiently with digital solutions.

Power saving potentials for injection moulding machines depending on technology

As the pie chart shows, ENGEL injection moulding machines are already masters at saving electricity.

Our engineers and developers have already greatly reduced the power consumption of ENGEL injection moulding machines in recent years. Servo-hydraulic machines already consume less than 60% of a hydraulic injection moulding machine with a variable pump. With all-electric injection moulding machines, power consumption can be more than halved on average.

In order to provide you, the customer, with even more efficient injection moulding machines, we have defined efficiency packages. These packages, consisting of integrated temperature control and intelligent assistance systems, manage to reduce the power consumption of your injection moulding machine by a further 20 % on average.

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