Medical Injection Moulding by ENGEL

When human lives depend on your products: ENGEL medical is your competent partner in the fulfilment of the strictest cleanliness and precision policies in medical technologies.

That is because our precisely designed injection moulding solutions are perfect for producing highly sensitive medical products that come into prolonged contact with parts of the body or fluids.


In this video – See an ENGEL e-victory 160 combi Injection Moulding Machine with an integrated robot ENGEL easix TX-90 .

The production cell is shown here manufacturing IV drip chambers for blood transfusions with an integrated filter, an ENGEL e-victory combi three-component injection moulding machine with integrated ENGEL easix robot sets a new record in process integration and efficiency.

For the first time, three-component hollow bodies with an inlay performed in just one step.




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