ENGEL at Fakuma 2017 – Hall A5, Stand 5204

ENGEL will showcase a comprehensive inject 4.0 programme at Fakuma 2017

Industry 4.0 has arrived in the injection moulding industry
ENGEL will demonstrate how to best utilise this potential at their exhibition stand 5204, Hall A5 at Fakuma 2017 from
October 17 – 21 in Friedrichshafen. Visitors to the trade fair are invited to try out the inject 4.0 products for themselves on the live production machines as well as in the various Expert Corners, and discover a whole new range of possibilities.

The ENGEL exhibits – What’s on show ?

e-mac series expanded on the upper end

Fast, precise, energy-efficient and attractively priced. With this range of characteristics, ENGEL AUSTRIA’s all-electric injection moulding machines of the e-mac series have established themselves very well in the teletronics and technical moulding industries.

The new ENGEL e-mac 280 will be presented for the first time at Fakuma.

e-mac 940/280 Workaholic with iQ

The all-electric e-mac delivers what is needed in series production: stable processes, consistent precision and round-the-clock efficiency. And thanks to an advanced machine concept, it does this with low maintenance costs and a long, reliable service life.

Your advantage: intelligent assistance systems from our inject 4.0 programme reduce rejects or downtime to nearly negligible factors.

With a self-regulating e-mac, you can rely on problem-free production – for the lifetime of an ENGEL machine.

e-victory 170/80 Maximum integration with a minimal footprint

Highly integrated, compact production cells minimise the system footprint and increase surface productivity. These features really pay off in the clean room. For this reason we developed a stainless steel cavity separation for the cavity-specific depositing of small injection moulded parts. The depositing system is fully integrated in the extended safety gate.

During the five days of the fair, needle holders for 1 ml safety syringes will be produced in a 16-cavity mould. With a shot weight of only 0.08 g and varying wall thicknesses, the delicate needle holders require extremely precise process control. We use the iQ weight control software, as fluctuations in the melt volume would immediately lead to rejects.

duo 2460/500 Extremely scratch resistant in a single step

At the Fakuma, ENGEL and its clearmelt technology will open the door to a new application area. Where the focus of automotive manufacturers had previously been on decorative elements and electronic functional components for vehicle interiors, it is now directed at the technology to produce exterior components.

High gloss exterior panels will be produced on a duo 2460/500. The clearmelt technology scores particularly well in the exterior area with its particularly high scratchresistant surfaces. In the car wash test, the initial sample parts prove to be extremely robust.

victory 860/160 Hydraulic precision for complex LSR

Nearly flash-free, zero-waste, rework-free and fully automatic processing is the prerequisite for the economical production of high-tech products from liquid silicone. We demonstrate how this is seen in practice with the production of venting valves for beverage bottles on a victory 860/160 injection moulding machine.

The venting valves, with a diameter of approx. 50 mm, have a geometrically complex structure with varying wall thicknesses. The iQ weight control software, which we now also offer for injection moulding machines with hydraulic injection units, is used to reliably fill cavities in the event of fluctuations in the raw material.

e-motion 170/80 TL inject 4.0 live at the exhibition stand

You can experience how the potential of the smart machine can be utilised in practice with the in-house production of inject 4.0 logos at our exhibition stand. The e-motion 80 TL injection moulding machine has been set up as a demo system for the iQ weight control and iQ clamp control products.

Choose one of four different demos and let the experience amaze you.

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