ENGEL e-factory

The new monitoring system increases productivity and efficiency of your injection moulding production

The original ENGEL e-factory system has been fully redeveloped and enhanced – and the result is the ENGEL e-factory 2. The software package records detailed data from your injection moulding machines, which means you are informed even more quickly about what‘s happening across your production operation – even when things aren‘t quite running as they should. Draw conclusions concerning the susceptibility to failure, utilisation and productivity of your machines. And see where to start making further improvements. ENGEL e-factory 2 promises a new dimension in transparency.

e-factory Monitor: Shows your production status at a glance

Meaningful performance indicators on a current order or specific shift along with status information such as production progress, causes of downtime and imminent machine alarms enable you to respond quickly to deviations from the schedule – and help you meet cost and production targets.

Production status including factory layout
Production recorder
Email alerts

e-factory Data: Central administration of parts data records protects your know-how

An integrated online and offline data viewer provides you with a centralized overview of machine settings. With central control over all changes to settings, you can guarantee consistent production quality.

Full management of data records
Online upload/download link to machines
Injection protocol

e-factory Chart: The consistent documentation of process data

Provides you with the basis for comprehensive statistical analysis which in turn helps you optimise the quality of your process technology. e-factory Chart also enables you to meet your documentation obligation to clients.

Process data logging
Statistical evaluations
Process monitoring

e-factory Reports: Key facts at glance

Production reports and statistics provide you with a sound basis for decision-making. Daily reports on production progress in recent shifts keep your management team in the picture while long-term reporting gives you an invaluable basis for investment decisions.

Shift statistics
Order statistics
Long-term statistics

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