ENGEL duo – Large Injection Moulding Machinery

ENGEL injection moulding large machines
You need a flexible production cell with minimum space requirements:
The ENGEL duo with its individually configured two-platen clamping unit is the proven solution. Its compact design with a stable, low-friction platen guidance on carriages ensures optimum platen parallelism and sensitive mould protection. This guarantees a high level of operational safety and perfect part quality.

Flexible machine layout
The ideal machine for any task: The ENGEL duo is designed to enable optimum guidance of all media supply lines within the clamping unit, especially towards the moving platen. This ensures maximum flexibility in configuring, re-adapting or expanding your production cell.

Improved clamping force
Whether 3500 or 55000 kN: Thanks to a narrow graduation of clamping unit sizes, the ENGEL duo series allows you to choose exactly the machine type, which will deliver optimum results. The clamping unit ensures an effective and quick clamping force build-up with four short pressure pads. iQ clamp control and wide + extra wide platen options enable smart and cost-efficient manufacturing of larger parts.

Trouble-free production
Fast movements and positive locking – extremely short dry cycle times: The ENGEL duo employs a synchronously controlled, maintenance-free locking which reaches particularly quickly and precisely into the tie-bars’ ring groove. Since the tie-bars have no contact with the moving platen, there is no friction and this saves energy with every movement.

Maximum cost effectiveness
The ENGEL duo impresses with its energy-efficient, sustainable design. For example, it minimises pressure levels during movements by means of a smart hydraulic drive system. Furthermore, the moving platen is optimally supported and guided on carriages. The result: improved precision guiding even with heavy moulds, minimum mould wear and perfect mould protection, enabling you to keep your maintenance costs low at all times.

ENGEL in New Zealand
Techspan New Zealand have represented Engel since their inception in 1979. Their Auckland premises house a showroom, warehouse, sales offices, seminar facility, and technical service centre.

“We strive to support our customers with a high level of customer service. Our stock holding of machinery, spare parts, and consumables is extensive, enabling us to provide quick delivery times. We are able to provide our customers the benefit of our extensive application engineering experience and qualified technical service support” said Dave Fastnedge, CEO of Techspan Group.

Techspan New Zealand is part of the Techspan Group, a 100% privately owned company, supplying quality industrial products since January 1979.

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